130 million euros


The French government has agreed to give 130 million euros from tax payers money to farmers as a support to the torture of ducks and geese in the foie gras industry.




Pigeons butchered by hunters in the Lot et Garonne


On the 25th of January, 80 hunters of the village of Villeréal and 12 surrounding villages carried out a major kill of pigeons organised by the municipality and supported by maire Pierre-Henri Arnstam.  The pigeons are considered a nuisance by farmers and villagers and are supposed to have made a lot of damages to crops and buildings. 3200 cartridges had been handed out to the hunters to carry out this massacre.



Cockfighting still popular in the French Antilles


Although cockfighting is on the retreat in the northern departments of France cockfighting is still a booming sport in La Réunion, Martinique and other French Antilles islands …. The new season has started with a full house in Changy, Guadelope. I would urge tourists to these islands not to respond to invitations to attend such festivities as this supports the locals to continue this utterly cruel sport.


Pamela Anderson meets french parliament to ban force-feeding for foie gras



The actress met the French Parliament a week ago. She supports a newly proposed law that prohibits force-feeding of ducks and geese for foie gras. She asks the parliament to support this new law proposal and the french people to stop eating foie gras. As expected the deputees reacted in the most inappropriate ways.