Pigeons culled

In a little village called Formerie between Abbeville and Rouen hunters have had the permission to shoot on pigeons. Excuse? Because they too many. Boycott France this summer, please. No other words needed.



6 dogs found killed in a wood

6 (hunting) dogs were found last thursday in a forest shot dead by a small gun, in the Isère department in Bouvesse-Quitieu: amongst them was a Jack Russell, a Griffon and a Bleu de Gascogne. They were found by a hiker. The tatoo’s on the ears of 3 of the animals have been made invisible, so it was impossible to identify the dogs. The other 3 were identified by a micro-chip, which might give some clues to the Gendarmerie  who has started an investigation.



Chaffinch for dinner?



Farmers in the South of France (Les Landes) ask for an exemption to the rules of the European Bird Directive to be able to hunt chaffinches, a species that is protected, and eat them as this is a tradition in these area’s. You’ll find the letter of the President of the French Hunting Federation to the Minister here:


Mass Euthanasia of dogs and cats in France

Did you know that especially in the French Islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans (they call them the DOM)  63,1% of the dogs and 90,3% of the cats entering a pound are being euthanised? And that in the refuges (where animals are supposed to be treated well and get a chance to find a new loving home) not less than 80% of the animals are euthanised.

Source: https://info.agriculture.gouv.fr/gedei/site/bo-agri/instruction-2017-638