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Deer hunt with eagles programmed this sunday 12 November!

This is really horrendous. How can a civilisation still allow this barbarity.



Pig farming in France …

… or anywhere else. It gives us the same images: piglets dying and left with the remaining piglets, animals living in their excrements, sows watching her babies dying in from of her eyes…..

L214, the association who filmed these images in a farm in the Finistère (Brittanny) has handed in a complaint for mistreatment of animals.

Slaughterhouses in France still under attack

Another video has been published a couple of days ago by the association L 214. The slaughterhouse in question has been judged by the authorities as being acceptable with regard to animal welfare. The association has handed in a complaint for animal cruelty.

All ducks culled in les Landes – France

… because of the avian flu. The french minister of Agriculture decided to cull all the remaining animals to be able to restart the production of foie gras as soon as possible. More :

In french:


Please sign the petition:

Stop the massacre of poultry

At the moment millions of birds, especially poultry , are massacred to prevent the further spread of avian flu in the world. At least 24 countries in the WHO European Region have reported outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) A(H5N8) virus in wild birds and domestic poultry.  At least 3 of these countries have reported outbreaks in the last 2 weeks. And France is one of them. Almost 2 millions ducks, geese and other birds have been killed, gassed in gas chambers the last couple of weeks. For the moment the only measure is to cull the birds, whilst no solution has been found to prevent the outbreak of the virus. And even worse the killing is done by our own money, our taxes. 6 associations have started a petition to protest against this massacre. Please sign and share this petition (also in english) here:


Ducks gassed in thousands as France fights bird flu virus

France has started a major cull today of ducks destined for the foie gras industry. Until the 21st of January in total one million animals will be killed for preventive reasons. More :


in french:,246066

Animal cruelty in research facilities


Three days ago PETA France published a new video of dogs suffering in research facilities in France. Their video footage reveals that behind closed doors at France’s Alfort National Veterinary School, dogs are deliberately bred to develop crippling muscle diseases. The footage given to PETA by the group Animal Testing reveals that the dogs struggle to walk, swallow, and even breathe.The research  is paid by Téléthon a french association for Myopathies, a group of disorders characterized by a primary structural or functional impairment of skeletal muscle. It is traditional that at this time of year (december) Téléthon organises events to raise money. PETA urges Téléthon to Stop Funding Cruel Experiments on Dogs! Below you’ll find an article in french.