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Last weekend 6 bulls were tortured in Nîmes

During the last bullfighting event in Nîmes in the weekend of 15 and 16 September  6 bulls have been massacred, their ears and tails have been cut off as a trophy   …. Please boycott France.



This photo is disturbing Pinder Circus


As you may know circuses with wild animals are still allowed in France. And the animals are not always treated very well. As a matter of fact, wild animals don’t belong in a circus.

So this photo is distroying the reputation of its owner Pinder Circus. Everywhere it is published the account is blocked. Let’s see what happens……

Anyway. Don’t come to France on your holidays and definitely don’t go to a circus.

4 years and no improvement at all!

Time flies. It has been more than 4 years since we started this blog about animal cruelty in France.

We have explained to you the problems we are facing in this country like bullfighting, coqfighting, slaughter without stunning, euthanasia of dogs and cats in pounds and refuges, the hunting of wolves, foxes, and even protected birds in the most horrendous ways whilst you in your country are trying to protect them. You need to know that the government is soon going to approve a couple of laws permitting the capturing by trap, glue or netting, of skylarks, blackbirds, song thrushes, European golden plovers and Northern lapwings, who are  all protected by the European Bird directive. So even though you try to save them  from extinction in your country, in France they are still being butchered under the name of “Tradition”.

In conclusion in those 4 years hardly anything has improved. So the battle goes on. And we’ll keep on informing you and keeping you up to date with what is happening in this country.

But in return we ask you one thing. And that is : please SAY NO! to France and skip this country as your  holiday destination this year, and the next, and the next. Until we see some real changes with regard to animals!  There is so much cruelty and pain  behind the scenes, that you as a tourist don’t even know about or even suspect. Thank you!

Feral cats in France: the suffering goes on

Video by Association One Voice who fights already for a long time to reduce the suffering of cats without a home. Identification, sterilisation, more severe punishments for abandoning a cat are the solutions.  France, what are you waiting for?


More on

Slaughterhouses in France : hell continues


After the horrific vidéos from last year, the Fondation Brigitte Bardot has now published a new video of the slaughterhouse in Alès. Nothing has changed. Hell continues for millions of animals in slaughterhouses in France. For now,  the obligation to have video cameras in all slaughterhouses in France has been rejected by the government, but many continue to lobby the parliament members to change this in the future. If you want to help us achieve this goal, please sign these petitions:

by Animal Cross

by Les Gamelles du Coeur

Or even better, don’t eat meat in France. Half of the animals in slaughterhouses are killed without anesthesia.

Chickens on Fire Modern Art ?

Algerian/French Artist Adel Abdessemed exhibits a short video that depicts several chickens screaming while appearing to be on fire as they hang against a wall, in an exhibition in the Museum of modern arts in Lyon at the moment.

This so-called art titled “Printemps,” or “spring” in French is creating a lot of outrage amongst associations of the protection of animals like One Voice, PETA France and Aymeric Caron.

The film, which can be viewed in part here,  is part of an homage to the suffering of those involved in the Arab Spring revolutions.


Please boycott this country where animals don’t value a penny!!