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Animal farming and slaughter in France still under attack by associations

An new video was published last thursday of animals suffering  in a slaughterhouse in Narbonne and cows still being conscience while their throats were cut open:


And last week the association L214 showed another video of a pig farm in Charente with animals full of flies, wounds not being treated, sows  not being able to turn around  in their small cages to feed their offspring:



Sunday in France: a day of war, a clash of cultures

It’s Sunday morning around 9 o’ clock. It’s time to let the geese and the ducks out of their night enclosure. We keep them in at night because of predators. I open the door of the house. I hear howling dogs and screaming men in the distance. There is no doubt about it. Hunters with their dogs chasing deer, boar, foxes, badgers, rabbits, birds, cats you name it, jeopardize the countryside of France once more. Sunday has become a day of war between men with guns and wild animals. A war to hunt down innocent sentient beings that already struggle for survival. Because in France more and more land is used for agriculture/urbanisation/industry. Habitats disappear. Hedges disappear. Forests are increasingly being exploited for wood. Birds, hedgehogs, reptiles, deer are in danger. But still the government, the members of parlement supported by the french president dance to the tunes of the hunting federations.

Demonstration against hunting in Paris on 13 October 2018
People won’t take it anymore. In October more than 2000 demonstrators walked the streets of Paris to show their discontent and just recently 76 associations published a joint letter to the government to ask for a ban on hunting on Sunday and to stop certain cruel hunting practices still used in France, but prohibited in other parts of the world. The cruel practice of gassing and excavation of foxes and badgers from their dens for example. After a long period of tremendous stress and terror by hunters or their dogs they are eventually shot or have their neck wrung, are beaten to death with a shovel or even given to the dogs alive. For every fox tail the hunter gets a reward.

Fox found yesterday without a tail hanging in the bushes (source: facebook )
Glue is used to catch birds officially protected under European legislation, to be eaten. Waders are killed by the millions. Can you imagine? Whilst people in other countries of Europe are trying hard to protect these birds, they are massacred here in France in the name of “Tradition”.

Birds trapped by glue
It’s Sunday today in France. It’s the most dangerous day of the week. You can’t walk your dog. You can’t go mushroom picking. Just recently in two separate incidents a cyclist and a hiker were killed by a hunter. There is a danger that a stray bullet smashes your window. Or that your own horse, cow or cat or dog is shot “mistaken” for a wild boar or a deer. In some regions hunting with hounds and horses terrorise deer into gardens, villages and towns or cause an accident on the road. Hunters kill each other too. Not so bad you might say considering the fact that there will be less of them in the end. But it really shows you how dangerous this passtime is. They shoot themselves in the foot, they fall off clifs, they shoot their own family members and friends… In the season of 2014/15 122 accidents were registered of which 14 were deadly.

English cyclist shot and killed in French alps by hunters ( source: facebook )
It’s Sunday morning in France. There’s a war going on outside. A clash of cultures. Those who use the countryside for peaceful recreation to relax after a week of work, and those who stalk it with murderous intent. Certain mayors have closed down their woods, their recreation areas to give hunters a free hand. In the name of safety. And I, I can still hear the shooting around me. I hear the dogs baying and barking. Even if I wish to go out for the day, I have to stay in the house and keep an eye on our animals safe in the garden. Going away is out of the question: it would be too dangerous to leave the animals behind. Is this what you would call living like a god in France on a Sunday? Please SAY NO to France!

Last weekend 6 bulls were tortured in Nîmes

During the last bullfighting event in Nîmes in the weekend of 15 and 16 September  6 bulls have been massacred, their ears and tails have been cut off as a trophy   …. Please boycott France.


This photo is disturbing Pinder Circus


As you may know circuses with wild animals are still allowed in France. And the animals are not always treated very well. As a matter of fact, wild animals don’t belong in a circus.

So this photo is distroying the reputation of its owner Pinder Circus. Everywhere it is published the account is blocked. Let’s see what happens……

Anyway. Don’t come to France on your holidays and definitely don’t go to a circus.

4 years and no improvement at all!

Time flies. It has been more than 4 years since we started this blog about animal cruelty in France.

We have explained to you the problems we are facing in this country like bullfighting, coqfighting, slaughter without stunning, euthanasia of dogs and cats in pounds and refuges, the hunting of wolves, foxes, and even protected birds in the most horrendous ways whilst you in your country are trying to protect them. You need to know that the government is soon going to approve a couple of laws permitting the capturing by trap, glue or netting, of skylarks, blackbirds, song thrushes, European golden plovers and Northern lapwings, who are  all protected by the European Bird directive. So even though you try to save them  from extinction in your country, in France they are still being butchered under the name of “Tradition”.

In conclusion in those 4 years hardly anything has improved. So the battle goes on. And we’ll keep on informing you and keeping you up to date with what is happening in this country.

But in return we ask you one thing. And that is : please SAY NO! to France and skip this country as your  holiday destination this year, and the next, and the next. Until we see some real changes with regard to animals!  There is so much cruelty and pain  behind the scenes, that you as a tourist don’t even know about or even suspect. Thank you!