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4 years and no improvement at all!

Time flies. It has been more than 4 years since we started this blog about animal cruelty in France.

We have explained to you the problems we are facing in this country like bullfighting, coqfighting, slaughter without stunning, euthanasia of dogs and cats in pounds and refuges, the hunting of wolves, foxes, and even protected birds in the most horrendous ways whilst you in your country are trying to protect them. You need to know that the government is soon going to approve a couple of laws permitting the capturing by trap, glue or netting, of skylarks, blackbirds, song thrushes, European golden plovers and Northern lapwings, who are  all protected by the European Bird directive. So even though you try to save them  from extinction in your country, in France they are still being butchered under the name of “Tradition”.

In conclusion in those 4 years hardly anything has improved. So the battle goes on. And we’ll keep on informing you and keeping you up to date with what is happening in this country.

But in return we ask you one thing. And that is : please SAY NO! to France and skip this country as your  holiday destination this year, and the next, and the next. Until we see some real changes with regard to animals!  There is so much cruelty and pain  behind the scenes, that you as a tourist don’t even know about or even suspect. Thank you!


Feral cats in France: the suffering goes on

Video by Association One Voice who fights already for a long time to reduce the suffering of cats without a home. Identification, sterilisation, more severe punishments for abandoning a cat are the solutions.  France, what are you waiting for?


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Chaining Dogs in France still very common


This is 2018 ! And in France many dogs are still permanently kept on a chain at the end of the garden, like garbage. You can sign a petition if you would like to help these animals, neglected,  with no shelter, no food and water. The petitioners ask for a law to forbid the permanently tethering of dogs in France and to start an information campaign about the dangers of keeping dogs on chains.

Thank you for the dogs !

Mass Euthanasia of dogs and cats in France

Did you know that especially in the French Islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans (they call them the DOM)  63,1% of the dogs and 90,3% of the cats entering a pound are being euthanised? And that in the refuges (where animals are supposed to be treated well and get a chance to find a new loving home) not less than 80% of the animals are euthanised.



Slaughterhouses for dogs and cats in France


Photo : Shannon Johnstone

Yes, I’m not kidding. The association One Voice  recently published the article below in her blog, about the euthanasia of dogs and cats in France without any medical reason. Millions of dogs and hundreds of millions of cats are being killed in refuges/pounds without even getting the chance to find a new home and the authorities condone this practice. Especially puppies and kittens are at danger of being killed or even just die from neglect and starvation in animal pounds. Please sign the petitions on this site so that this stops once and for all …. Thank you!

Please help us end the chaining/tethering of dogs in France

bergHow often do you go on a holiday to France and you encounter a dog on a chain in front of a barn or at the end of a garden? Chaining dogs is still very common especially in the countryside. An association for the protection of animals NALA 85480 has just started a petition to end this tradition:

They request  the french government to make a new law that prohibits the chaining of dogs. The old law setting the minimal conditions for dogs on chains, dates from 1982 and needs to be modernised. Would you please sign and share this petition around your friends and family. It’s just the beginning of a national campaign…..Every little help counts! The english translation is at the end of the text of the petition. Thank you! 🙂 

The story of 8 kittens in the Vendée

5 died in the pound and 3 left the pound in a very skinny and undernourished state. The authorities seem to think this is normal. Please sign the petition here:

Men with guns !

The biggest danger in France are men with guns. They are prepared to use them anywhere and everywhere!

On the first of May 2015 a dog was tortured and executed in the small village of Sainte Cécile (85110) in the west of France, the Vendée. Java, only 8 months old  was in the building of a goat farm  together with her brother and her mother when she was attacked. The family was off for the day. As the dogs tend to wander, they were locked in the milking room of the farm. When the owners of the dogs came back they found Java dead and they found blood everywhere in the building. Her mother and her brother fortunately were unharmed. They had been attached, so the culprit probably didn’t see them. Java is a very friendly dog and comes to greet people. The person who did this must have planned the attack.  In fact, the bullets probably shot by a 22 long rifle, passed straight through and came out the other side and the killer must have taken them away with him. All of which suggests premeditation and spying on them to plan the act. The family has handed in a complaint to the local police, who said that very probably no further action will be taken, because they have no evidence for who did it. Technically, they have been told, they can’t even accuse the culprit of trespass, because the building was not locked!

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Trafic de chats Volés – La Suisse Alimentée Par la France – Que Font Nos Elus ? Qui Ne Dit Mot Consent

De la fourrure de chat pour confectionner et fabriquer des couvertures, des manteaux ou encore des ceintures anti-douleur : ce marché suisse, très juteux, bien que méconnu, semble continuer de séduire une clientèle sensible à une ancienne croyance attribuant aux peaux de chat des vertus contre les rhumatismes. Le commerce de peaux de chats était d’ailleurs légal jusqu’au 18 septembre 2008 chez nos voisins helvètes, pourtant très actif en terme de protection animale.

Cette année-là, la révision de la loi suisse n’aurait jamais pu avoir lieu sans le tapage organisé par la SPA de Thonon-les-Bains, en France. Après avoir constaté des centaines de disparitions de chats suspectes en Haute-Savoie au cours de l’été 2007, la présidente de la SPA locale déposait plainte en novembre.