Press Release

The secret shame or living like ‘a dog’ in France

The holiday season has arrived and you, like many other people may be planning to go to that popular holiday destination, France, the land of sun, sea, culture and good food.

But are you aware how badly this Central European civilization treats its animals? Probably not.

We want to let you know with this site:

This blog is designed to give you a peek behind the scenes of the true France that badly treats many bulls in the south, foxes in the north, ducks for foie gras in the west and east, and even our four-legged friends, cats and dogs, in the west.

We would very much appreciate it if you would bring attention to this topic in one of your programs, in your newspaper or magazine, on your site or your Facebook page. Or just take note of the site, tell your friends or send the link to friends, acquaintances and family.

We are responsible for a small foundation for the protection of dogs and cats in France and are very closely associated with actions of other animal protection organizations here. For our own safety and that of our animals, we would prefer to remain anonymous. You can contact us via email: .
If you leave a phone number I’ll call you back with pleasure to answer any further questions.

It is high time that the truth surfaced because what happens in La Douce France (“Sweet France”) is not so “Douce” for many animals!

In advance thank you very much on behalf of the animals!


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by choosing another holiday destination this summer !

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