Slaughter without pre-stunning


Ritual slaughtering in abattoirs throughout France

Update june 2016 : The last 6 months, the association for the abolition of meat  L214, has shown 6 videos of the conditions inside abattoirs in France. The images are all shocking. The films get huge media coverage. Especially the slaughter without stunning is cruel and gets a lot of resistance from the population as well as from politicians. Still 50% of the animals endure this fate. The french parliament has started an enquiry committee.

Date: 24  April 2014

For many this is a sensitive subject….. Most people do not want meat from animals that have suffered badly before they are slaughtered. Likewise, most French people do not as well. So what do you make of the fact that, according to the 2011 report of the Council for Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, more than half (51%) of all animals in France are slaughtered without prestunning? For sheep, this percentage is even higher, at 80%. And did you know that in the Ile de France, the region around Paris, all animals are slaughtered without prestunning for “religious” reasons. The fact that it is cheaper and easier to administer if all animals are killed in the same way is purely coincidental, isn’t it?

It appears that the meat from halal slaughtered animals end up in the traditional circuit. The meat that you buy at the supermarket on the normal shelves can come from ritually slaughtered animal. Muslims (who make up only 7.2% of the French population) eat only certain parts of the animal. The rest has to be sold elsewhere. The consumer can not choose because the label does not provide information about how an animal is slaughtered.

In 2012 a petition was circulated. The signal from the population was clear: 85% think that it is essential that animals be stunned before slaughter. 71% call for clear labeling on the method of slaughtering, and 58% would not knowingly buy meat that comes from ritually slaughtered animals. On March 28, 2014, a demonstration took place against the planned construction of a new slaughterhouse for slaughter without stunning in Gueret, in the Limousin. It was a great success for the animals. The plans have been shelved.

It is thus clear that the French consumer wants stressfree and painless slaughter. Early in 2014 Brigitte Bardot asked the French president what his plans are for the future in this regard. For François Hollande, the answer was simple: there will be no change in the law regarding slaughter without stunning.

As often here in France, the government ignores the opinion of the French people. Politicians, in this case the President, decide and you just have to accept it.

Hence our plea: Say NO to France this summer.





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