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Mass Euthanasia of dogs and cats in France

Did you know that especially in the French Islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans (they call them the DOM)  63,1% of the dogs and 90,3% of the cats entering a pound are being euthanised? And that in the refuges (where animals are supposed to be treated well and get a chance to find a new loving home) not less than 80% of the animals are euthanised.




Protected birds being hunted and killed


This year again, the LPO (Ligue pour la protection des oiseaux) deplores the shooting of birds belonging to protected species and cowardly slaughtered by hunters. Since the beginning of 2017, 68 X-rays  have been carried out on injured birds sent to the Regional Wildlife Conservation Center of Villeveyrac managed by the LPO Hérault and have identified 16 protected birds victims of hunting shots ( of which 8 outside the hunting season …). Among the victims: six variable Buzzards, a Black Kite, a European Sparrowhawk, a Northern Goshawk, a Common Hawk, two Common Kestrels, a Short-toed Whitebird (raptor feeding mainly on reptiles), a Little Bustard (rare species subject to a National Action Plan), etc.

Strong suspicions hover over other birds: traces of sinkers in the feathers, wounds with an entry and exit. However, in order to be able to officially attribute these wounds to hunting and to refer to the National Office of Hunting and Wildlife, radiographic evidence is necessary. Unfortunately, only four birds survived on all these animals that were greeted and seriously wounded: a Buzzard was able to be healed and released, a Northern Goshawk, a Hobby Falcon and a Short-toed White-hawk are still at risk.

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Outrage about hunters

At the moment there is a lot of commotion about a stud being killed in the garden without the owner’s consent in the Oise department. (see previous post)

People are outraged and movies are being published on facebook like the one below of earlier animal abuse  by the same hunter’s group. This stud was beaten several times with a whip to scare him away out of a habitation area. He was lead into the cemetery, apparently put to sleep to move him back into the forest (that’s what they say, but no-one really knows what happened to him….people say so much in France that is not true)


A stag shot in one’s garden

in Lacroix-Saint-Ouen (Oise department) and the police says it is totally legal.

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The owner of the garden had not given it’s consent for the hunters to enter the property. The chasing and killing of the stag has been filmed by a neighbor …



People are outraged that this is possible in a civilised country like France and several started a petition that you can sign also:

Please do! And thank you for your support!


Pig farming in France …

… or anywhere else. It gives us the same images: piglets dying and left with the remaining piglets, animals living in their excrements, sows watching her babies dying in from of her eyes…..

L214, the association who filmed these images in a farm in the Finistère (Brittanny) has handed in a complaint for mistreatment of animals.

Slaughterhouses in France still under attack

Another video has been published a couple of days ago by the association L 214. The slaughterhouse in question has been judged by the authorities as being acceptable with regard to animal welfare. The association has handed in a complaint for animal cruelty.