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Scorned, Animal Rights Advocates in France Intensify Guerrilla Tactics


Feral cats in France: the suffering goes on

Video by Association One Voice who fights already for a long time to reduce the suffering of cats without a home. Identification, sterilisation, more severe punishments for abandoning a cat are the solutions.  France, what are you waiting for?


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Slaughterhouses in France : hell continues


After the horrific vidéos from last year, the Fondation Brigitte Bardot has now published a new video of the slaughterhouse in Alès. Nothing has changed. Hell continues for millions of animals in slaughterhouses in France. For now,  the obligation to have video cameras in all slaughterhouses in France has been rejected by the government, but many continue to lobby the parliament members to change this in the future. If you want to help us achieve this goal, please sign these petitions:

by Animal Cross

by Les Gamelles du Coeur

Or even better, don’t eat meat in France. Half of the animals in slaughterhouses are killed without anesthesia.

Chickens on Fire Modern Art ?

Algerian/French Artist Adel Abdessemed exhibits a short video that depicts several chickens screaming while appearing to be on fire as they hang against a wall, in an exhibition in the Museum of modern arts in Lyon at the moment.

This so-called art titled “Printemps,” or “spring” in French is creating a lot of outrage amongst associations of the protection of animals like One Voice, PETA France and Aymeric Caron.

The film, which can be viewed in part here,  is part of an homage to the suffering of those involved in the Arab Spring revolutions.


Please boycott this country where animals don’t value a penny!!



Massacre of dolphins in French waters: Is the French government washing its hands?

Fishing activities taking place in French waters pose a serious threat to the common dolphin (Delphinus Delphis), a protected species under French and international law. During the winter of 2017, about 4,000 common dolphins died at sea in the Bay of Biscay due to fishing activities. Since the beginning of 2018, 300 strandings of small dead cetaceans have been reported on the French Atlantic coast, 80% of which were common dolphins. It is possible that some of the boats responsible for maiming and killing dolphins were fishing in Natura 2000 Marine Protected Areas at the time. Seas At Risk member, France Nature Environnement, is alarmed by the French government’s failure to act and asks that it takes the necessary measures to stop this massacre. Read more here:

French president supports hunters

The 15th of February 2018 president Macron has received lobbyists of the french hunters organisations. The president has given them his support to the hunting with hounds and horses, which is still taking place and creating a lot of accidents, and to the hunting of geese in the north of France. We say only one thing: boycott France this summer. With regard to other European countries France stays behind on all issues  of animal welfare.

Chaining Dogs in France still very common


This is 2018 ! And in France many dogs are still permanently kept on a chain at the end of the garden, like garbage. You can sign a petition if you would like to help these animals, neglected,  with no shelter, no food and water. The petitioners ask for a law to forbid the permanently tethering of dogs in France and to start an information campaign about the dangers of keeping dogs on chains.

Thank you for the dogs !

National Plan for Wolves


The french government has recently published a new national plan for the near future (2018 – 2023) on how to deal with conflicts between the (increasing) wolf population in France and live stock  farmers. For this plan it seems that the government uses numbers of how many wolves there are in France, supposedly scientifically based, however no sources are given. There have always  been suspicions from environmental organisations about the statistiques the government is using. The number of wolves in France given by other sources, like the european union seems to be a lot lower. Taking the number of 400 wolves supposedly living on  french territory the french government is aiming to kill 10% which means 40 wolves per year to keep the numbers stable and to keep the farmers happy. This is against european legislation as the wolf is protected in Europe.


The plan called “Plan Loup 2018 – 2023” is open for public consultation until the 29th of January 2018. Everyone can leave his opinion so please do so on this link (in french) .