Shocking images of Slaughterhouse Ales

The shocking images of animals regaining conscience before slaughter and the gas-stunning of pigs, that were made  in the departmental slaughterhouse of Alès by the association L214, has created large protest throughout the whole of France.

The abattoir was closed immediately after the video was published.

A petition was launched :

And a manifesto was signed by 90 celebrities and associations in which they ask for a parliamentary committee to investigate the different methods of slaughter in the french abattoirs.


The french minister of agriculture has recently created a working group and has sent a letter to the Préfectures in which he stresses for better inspections with regard to animal welfare in the abattoirs.


Bull painted black in l’Opéra de Paris


A white bull painted black performs in the opera “Moses und Aron” in l’Opéra de Paris.  Several petitions were launched :

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Attacked with a spade


The President of the LPO (Ligue pour la protection des oiseaux) attacked by hunters with a spade because he took away illegal bird traps. This is France !

The LPO launched a petition to stop the massacre of garden birds…..

And some more petitions you can sign: