Again shocking videos shown of slaughterhouses

Once more videos have been published by association L214, of the conditions inside slaughterhouses in France. You can view them on their site.

Old equipment, mistreatment of animals, insufficient stunning were their conclusions. Professor Dale Jamieson of Environmental Studies and Philosophy at New York University, who was visiting Paris for the  Fondation de l’Ecologie Politique,  was asked to give his opinion about these films.

You can view it here :


Slaughterhouses for dogs and cats in France


Photo : Shannon Johnstone

Yes, I’m not kidding. The association One Voice  recently published the article below in her blog, about the euthanasia of dogs and cats in France without any medical reason. Millions of dogs and hundreds of millions of cats are being killed in refuges/pounds without even getting the chance to find a new home and the authorities condone this practice. Especially puppies and kittens are at danger of being killed or even just die from neglect and starvation in animal pounds. Please sign the petitions on this site so that this stops once and for all …. Thank you!

And the manifestations against bullfighting go on…..


© Matthias Julliand Les anti corridas manifestent à Istres

… with more determination, with more imagination, with even more shocking images, but this time without any injuries and without any arrests. Around 60 people protested in Istres in Bouches du Rhône this weekend to protest against the cruelty and barbary of bullfighting.

Almost every weekend bullfighting events are organised in the south of France, under the names of  culture and tradition. Bullfighting is supported by the prime-minister Mr Valls, who originates from Barcelona, Spain. Even though 70% of the french population is against this cruel sport, no changes in law are to be expected in the near future. But there is a slight decrease in the number of towns that organise these events. So we all hope this barbaric tradition will very slowly disappear over time.

Please help us end the chaining/tethering of dogs in France

bergHow often do you go on a holiday to France and you encounter a dog on a chain in front of a barn or at the end of a garden? Chaining dogs is still very common especially in the countryside. An association for the protection of animals NALA 85480 has just started a petition to end this tradition:

They request  the french government to make a new law that prohibits the chaining of dogs. The old law setting the minimal conditions for dogs on chains, dates from 1982 and needs to be modernised. Would you please sign and share this petition around your friends and family. It’s just the beginning of a national campaign…..Every little help counts! The english translation is at the end of the text of the petition. Thank you! 🙂