A wind of change in France

A wind of change is sweeping in France from the left. They are waking up. Practice your French by listening to his conviction. He is taking a major risk to his political career to make these animal rights statements. A major French politician speaks out against factory farming because “there is something wrong with society if it thinks this violence is normal. You’re going to take 1000 sentient beings, line them up, milk them ’til they’re dead and bang! Then send them to butcher. These are sensitive beings


Men with guns !

The biggest danger in France are men with guns. They are prepared to use them anywhere and everywhere!

On the first of May 2015 a dog was tortured and executed in the small village of Sainte Cécile (85110) in the west of France, the Vendée. Java, only 8 months old  was in the building of a goat farm  together with her brother and her mother when she was attacked. The family was off for the day. As the dogs tend to wander, they were locked in the milking room of the farm. When the owners of the dogs came back they found Java dead and they found blood everywhere in the building. Her mother and her brother fortunately were unharmed. They had been attached, so the culprit probably didn’t see them. Java is a very friendly dog and comes to greet people. The person who did this must have planned the attack.  In fact, the bullets probably shot by a 22 long rifle, passed straight through and came out the other side and the killer must have taken them away with him. All of which suggests premeditation and spying on them to plan the act. The family has handed in a complaint to the local police, who said that very probably no further action will be taken, because they have no evidence for who did it. Technically, they have been told, they can’t even accuse the culprit of trespass, because the building was not locked!

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