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Foie gras

Still a very important animal welfare issue in France…. even though we live in 2017!


All ducks culled in les Landes – France

… because of the avian flu. The french minister of Agriculture decided to cull all the remaining animals to be able to restart the production of foie gras as soon as possible. More :

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Ducks gassed in thousands as France fights bird flu virus

France has started a major cull today of ducks destined for the foie gras industry. Until the 21st of January in total one million animals will be killed for preventive reasons. More :


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Pamela Anderson meets french parliament to ban force-feeding for foie gras



The actress met the French Parliament a week ago. She supports a newly proposed law that prohibits force-feeding of ducks and geese for foie gras. She asks the parliament to support this new law proposal and the french people to stop eating foie gras. As expected the deputees reacted in the most inappropriate ways.



Just before Christmas 2015 the association L214 in France published some new videos of the foie gras industry. Female ducklings are of no use, so they are killed in a grinding machine. The males will have an even more terrible fate, being forced-fed for almost 3 weeks before they end up on the slaughter line. The video is difficult to watch, but please do! This industry has to stop! France and Belgium are the main foie gras producing countries in Europe.

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