Les canards de la discorde opposent deux couples de voisins



He was called Sabiote

He was the horse of Rejoneador Diego Ventura and his heart stopped very likely because of the fear and stress!

Il s’appelait Sabiote.

Il était le cheval du Rejoneador Diego Ventura et son coeur s’est arrêté, peut-être à cause de la Fatigue et du Stress, en ce fin de Janvier de cette année.

Malheureusement ce genre d’incidents n’est absolument pas rare. D’autres exemples ont été rapportés dont le décès de la monture d’un autre rejoneador : Joao Moura Junior, tristement célèbre pour d’autres faits.

Please sign the petition for the green cow!


“We ask the organizers of the public relations exercise “The Green Cow” to spare the life of the cow completely covered in green paint that is walking between Paris and Alençon and to donate it for free to a shelter that we choose.

As a reminder, this cow was taken from her herd and her usual environment to walk 200km, entirely covered with green paint. She is currently travelling between Paris and Alençon since 1 July 2015. In some cities, she is put on public display.

The organizers want to boast in this way about the virtuous cycle that involves the uptake by cereal and forage crops of the greenhouse gas emissions from livestock. The message is that the breeders are interested in respecting the environment.

However, one vet, when asked, told us: “Even if the paint is harmless, it prevents the skin of the cow from breathing properly. The heat and walking require great effort. Without also taking into account being forced to behave in a quite unusual way. Veterinary inspectors should stop it immediately and not accompany the cow. It is possible that the condition of the cow can allow her to return to her herd, but I doubt it. It is more likely that she will be sent to the slaughterhouse. ”

Will this cow whose “profitability” has been affected by this ordeal be sent for slaughter on arrival at Alençon?

Even if this is not the case, we ask the organizers to give us the cow so we can entrust it to a shelter, where we have found a place. Thus she can end her days in peace.

In fact, as French law recently introduced in the Civil Code the concept of animals being sentient beings, we ask the organisers to consider the scope of their action:

Do they consider that the cow is an object that can be used, ignoring her health, as a public relations gimmick?

Are they willing to inform the public about the veterinarian monitoring of the cow during the journey?

In compensation for the stress that this public relations exercise has inflicted on this cow, do they accept to donate this cow to us and act in good faith during the transfer, so she can end her days in peace?

The concept of environment exists only in relation to our responsibility as human beings, which allows us to measure the impact of our actions on the world around us. An action that hurts an animal does not contribute
to respect for the environment.”imageedit_17_4705566745