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Scorned, Animal Rights Advocates in France Intensify Guerrilla Tactics


Slaughterhouses in France : hell continues


After the horrific vidéos from last year, the Fondation Brigitte Bardot has now published a new video of the slaughterhouse in Alès. Nothing has changed. Hell continues for millions of animals in slaughterhouses in France. For now,  the obligation to have video cameras in all slaughterhouses in France has been rejected by the government, but many continue to lobby the parliament members to change this in the future. If you want to help us achieve this goal, please sign these petitions:

by Animal Cross

by Les Gamelles du Coeur

Or even better, don’t eat meat in France. Half of the animals in slaughterhouses are killed without anesthesia.

Slaughterhouses in France still under attack

Another video has been published a couple of days ago by the association L 214. The slaughterhouse in question has been judged by the authorities as being acceptable with regard to animal welfare. The association has handed in a complaint for animal cruelty.

More atrocities in slaughterhouses in France


Today the french association L 214 came with new images of animals in slaughterhouses, this time of  the slaughter of pregnant cows. Calves die slowly in the wombs of their mothers while the cows are being stunned and hung by their legs, some still even conscious before being killed. The images are difficult to watch.

At the end of the page you can sign a petition asking the french government to prohibit the slaughter of pregnant animals.

Again shocking videos shown of slaughterhouses

Once more videos have been published by association L214, of the conditions inside slaughterhouses in France. You can view them on their site.

Old equipment, mistreatment of animals, insufficient stunning were their conclusions. Professor Dale Jamieson of Environmental Studies and Philosophy at New York University, who was visiting Paris for the  Fondation de l’Ecologie Politique,  was asked to give his opinion about these films.

You can view it here :

Scandal after scandal …


… in slaughterhouses in France. This is the third time in 2 months that the association L  214 publishes a vidéo of an abattoir in France: this time the images show mistreatment even torture of conscious young animals (calves and lamb) in an abattoir in Mauléon, Pays Basque.

Préviously images were published of the slaughterhouses of  Alès and le Vigan, and they all show the same horror. Luce Lapin a  writer for  the well known magazine Charly Hebdo, reports:





Shocking images of Slaughterhouse Ales

The shocking images of animals regaining conscience before slaughter and the gas-stunning of pigs, that were made  in the departmental slaughterhouse of Alès by the association L214, has created large protest throughout the whole of France.

The abattoir was closed immediately after the video was published.

A petition was launched :

And a manifesto was signed by 90 celebrities and associations in which they ask for a parliamentary committee to investigate the different methods of slaughter in the french abattoirs.


The french minister of agriculture has recently created a working group and has sent a letter to the Préfectures in which he stresses for better inspections with regard to animal welfare in the abattoirs.

Please sign the petition for the green cow!


“We ask the organizers of the public relations exercise “The Green Cow” to spare the life of the cow completely covered in green paint that is walking between Paris and Alençon and to donate it for free to a shelter that we choose.

As a reminder, this cow was taken from her herd and her usual environment to walk 200km, entirely covered with green paint. She is currently travelling between Paris and Alençon since 1 July 2015. In some cities, she is put on public display.

The organizers want to boast in this way about the virtuous cycle that involves the uptake by cereal and forage crops of the greenhouse gas emissions from livestock. The message is that the breeders are interested in respecting the environment.

However, one vet, when asked, told us: “Even if the paint is harmless, it prevents the skin of the cow from breathing properly. The heat and walking require great effort. Without also taking into account being forced to behave in a quite unusual way. Veterinary inspectors should stop it immediately and not accompany the cow. It is possible that the condition of the cow can allow her to return to her herd, but I doubt it. It is more likely that she will be sent to the slaughterhouse. ”

Will this cow whose “profitability” has been affected by this ordeal be sent for slaughter on arrival at Alençon?

Even if this is not the case, we ask the organizers to give us the cow so we can entrust it to a shelter, where we have found a place. Thus she can end her days in peace.

In fact, as French law recently introduced in the Civil Code the concept of animals being sentient beings, we ask the organisers to consider the scope of their action:

Do they consider that the cow is an object that can be used, ignoring her health, as a public relations gimmick?

Are they willing to inform the public about the veterinarian monitoring of the cow during the journey?

In compensation for the stress that this public relations exercise has inflicted on this cow, do they accept to donate this cow to us and act in good faith during the transfer, so she can end her days in peace?

The concept of environment exists only in relation to our responsibility as human beings, which allows us to measure the impact of our actions on the world around us. An action that hurts an animal does not contribute
to respect for the environment.”imageedit_17_4705566745